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Content for Technical & Vocational Training Programs

Using innovative techniques and agile practices, we can help you build hundreds of hours of visual content for your skills development programs with a quick turnaround time. We can support you in transforming your content into video or presentation formats that can be digitally delivered.

Content for Marketing Programs

The success of your digital marketing initiatives is reliant upon the speed of your operations and the number of experiments the team can run for you. Techmantu Production team has built the efficiencies to match your marketing team's speed and agility requirements.

Content Strategy

Building a well-defined content framework that will be aligned with your business objectives, the marketplace you participate in, your target audience personas, and your brand to guide your content production programs

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Content Production

Help you reach and activate your target audience by creating brand-aligned, user-centric, channel-appropriate content in audio and visual formats

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Digital Interactions

Designing profitable interactions across multiple channels to engage with your target audience and guide them to achieving their objectives by leveraging technology and human psychology

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Impact Analytics

Building systems to report and measure the impact of creatives and content in your marketing program by adopting a data-centric approach and data science tools for analytics

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Our Solutions

Course Content Creation for NGOs
We understand the challenges of making an impact in low-resource settings and have successfully ironed out the production processes to create skills development course content in a cost-efficient manner for your educators to operate on the field.

Course Content Creation for Technical & Vocational Training Organizations
Our team can support your requirements for bootstrapping your eLearning initiatives by transforming your existing content or creating new content in high volumes.

Content Creation For Website Development For Brand eCommerce Stores
We can help you build your branded direct-to-consumer channel for your specialized eCommerce store by creating image/video/ animation content in large volumes, and in formats optimized for quality and size to ensure smooth performance without sacrificing the richness of the content.

Multimedia Content Creation To Support Large Website Revamp Projects
Your website revamp and rebranding require a large volume of digital multimedia content created within a short period. We will work with your IT team to create responsive site designs, illustrations, website images, and videos in an agile manner against tight deadlines.

Creative Content Development For Enterprise Grade Digital Marketing Programs
A mature digital marketing program demands a large volume of marketing collateral created to support the team’s multi-variate testing strategy. We will help you to launch and operate high-intensity digital marketing programs leveraging best practices in digital asset creation and management.

Our Strengths

Innovative Production Strategies

We capture your project requirements through an iterative discovery process and convert that into a production plan that emphasizes the creation of reusable template libraries to help deliver your content as per schedule.

Agile Production Process

The service delivery is managed using Agile workflows, and project management systems, and adopts a sprint-based approach to production projects. This helps us shorten the iterations and save precious time.

Multimedia Expertise

With our in-house team of multimedia talent specializing in animations, illustrations, audio/video production and editing, AR/VR development, etc, the unit is equipped to service any type of content requirements for your digital programs.

High-Volume Production

We are guided by the best practices in digital content creation and large-scale production industries. Equipped with the new-age tools for production and real-time collaboration, we help you achieve the scale, speed, and high quality required for the success of your digital initiatives.

New Technology Adoption

The team is well-versed in advanced AI & SAAS tools for video, and audio editing, illustrations, 3D animation, remote collaboration, and workflow automation. The new-tech expertise helps the production team scale up the program efficiently.

Quality Assurance

Techmantu Studio has created the processes, guidelines, and best practices for the production team to adhere to. They also are responsible for building the systems which put in place quality assurance checks for the content to ensure that your content is fit for purpose.

Impact Stories

How to Get Started?


Assessment of mutual fit

We ensure that we will add value to the engagement by evaluating your current state, your objectives, your ability to mobilize & deploy resources, and our capacity to cater to the demands of the program

Scope Definition & Contracting

Once agreed to work together, we define the scope of the engagement and enter into a contract that will protect the interest of both parties

Discovery & Roadmapping

As the first step of engagement, we do audits, workshops, and one on one interviews to understand and baseline the current state of the program

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