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Our Vision

Techmantu Ads

Techmantu Ads is the center of excellence for digital advertisement strategy and operations. The team develops the protocols and playbooks for integrated omnichannel campaigns to orchestrate the paid media interactions across stages of your prospect's buying journey.


With the right blend of research, data interpretation, and omnichannel expertise, Techmantu Ads department develops and delivers impactful ad campaigns, best suited to the client’s objectives.

Nandish BM Head of Techmantu Ads

We Help You

Techmantu Ads assists the Techmantu Marketing team with research, and analysis of target segments, competitor assessment, market potential evaluation, and media campaign recommendations. They also support the reporting and analysis of campaign impact.

We enable the Techmantu Consulting team to operationalize your paid media efforts by supporting them with a detailed analysis of the market demand, competition campaign strategy, and audience preferences.

Our Strengths

Campaign Strategy

Helping you choose the strategy suited to your objectives and constraints by providing research-backed inputs on targeting, testing plans, and ad strategy.

Multi-platform Expertise

Supporting you to identify the best channels to engage the target persona, set performance benchmarks, and launch campaigns on the channels, adopting best practices.

Integrated Campaign Management

Orchestrating campaigns on multiple platforms as an integrated omnichannel program that nudges the user through the various stages of their buying journey.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Supporting your decision-making by designing reporting structures, and formats, and providing insightful, and timely data reports on the performance of digital ad campaigns, and ad creatives.

Performance Orientation

Ensuring your lead pipelines are fed continuously by optimizing the campaigns to achieve the highest possible ROAS by innovatively combining attribute-based and intent-based targeting to run campaigns at scale.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of ad campaigns through oversight of campaign assets to proactively stay compliant with various types of advertising and privacy regulations including GDPR & CCPA.

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