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Techmantu Labs

We operate on the bleeding edge of tech and data analytics. The team offers guidance on Martech stack adoption and supports the consulting team by adding rigor to the data analytics program.


We match your program objectives with the capabilities of the best-fit Martech platforms to design the program infrastructure and the measurement framework.

Benjamin NijuHead of Techmantu Labs

We Help You

choose the right tech stack, integrate the stack into a seamless system, and offer assistance in reporting, analyzing, and developing actionable insights from the data collected from various digital sources.

We design and set up the technology stacks for the digital marketers and sales team to execute, measure, and optimize the impact of your sales and marketing programs without silos.

Our Strengths

Cloud Adoption

Helping you transform your marketing function by adopting SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS solutions best suitable for your operations.

Data Collection & Storage

Designing and building systems to collect and store the data you need from your digital program using to help you analyze the data at any granularity you desire.

Martech Adoption

Ensuring a silo-less sales & marketing unit by designing and configuring the Martech infrastructure required for the sales & marketing program.

Analytics Enablement

With an analytics-first approach to solution design, we ensure that all teams have access to reliable, consistent data across all access points for analysis.

Reporting & Data Analytics

Empowering data-driven decision-making by creating detailed reports and helping you extract insights through rigorous analytical processes

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