Why Techmantu

Veteran leadership
Techmantu is led by Muru Chigateri, a new technology veteran with more than 15 years in new technology markets. His past experiences include Appian Corporation and Cordys. At these technology start-ups, he has worked in a variety of roles including Director of Solutions, Product Manager, Product Marketer, and Director of Professional & Training services. More recently he has been an advisor to technology and media centric small start-ups. Some clients are HealthMinds, Antargata, Invensys–Skelta, Sysfore Technologies and REMO Software. Muru translates all his experience into ensuring that Techmantu can take on the complex, and constantly evolving world of digital media, with a singular focus on business value and ROI for customers.

Strong partnerships
For strong technology support and guidance, Techmantu partners with Sysfore Technologies, a 10 year old Bangalore based provider of web and mobile technology services that helps organizations build and better manage their critical business applications. Sysfore belongs to the Microsoft and IBM partner networks. Furthermore, Techmantu has an active program to identify other partnerships that will be beneficial to its customers. Partner certifications for major platforms are in progress.

Young and dynamic team
Techmantu is a young company, willing to explore the vast digital media landscape and adapt new technology for digital business needs. Techmantu is tuned to be responsive to customer needs, willing to work smarter and harder to ensure that best solution is found. Team Techmantu is technology agnostic, constantly updating itself with the latest trends in technology and business to ensure anticipation of customer needs. The core values of Techmantu are reiterated in every aspect of the consulting business – from recruiting to training & management of teams.

Ability to take on new verticals
In its short tenure, Techmantu has managed to work with clients across different verticals including a restaurant, a high–end home theatre consultancy, a specialist hobby business (nature aquariums), a software services vendor, a software enterprise-products vendor, a software consumer products vendor, an NGO and a new automobile dealership. Rather than focus on a specific vertical, Techmantu looks to work closely with any new and emerging business who wants to use technology as a differentiator. Techmantu looks at such work more as a partnership rather than a client-vendor relationship.