We work closely with client leadership teams to understand their long-term and short-term goals for sales and marketing, and the role expected to be be played by digital media in meeting these goals. We analyse the marketplace to jointly develop an initial digital media plan that can be used to outline media spend, resource allocation and infrastructure needs for the customer.

We help customers to set-up the required infrastructure for digital media work. Such infrastructure includes – getting a basic digital presence in place, defining roles and responsibilities, configuring or implementing digital media management & measurement tools, agreeing upon collaboration, escalation, approval and other process steps necessary to execute the digital media work.

We help our customers use and make sense of the gush of data that is now available from digital media. This includes understanding and analysing the data native to platforms or cross-platform data from 3rd party measurement frameworks. We encourage a culture of regular review and analysis of digital data within client organisations, to help feed the project and go-to-market plans. The set of metrics and analysis of data can increase in complexity over time, and we help our clients deal with that too.

We work in tandem with our clients and jointly execute projects. Once basic infrastructure and processes are in place, we build client capacity to take over the maintenance and monitoring of the project, while we focus on the complexity and analytics. At important milestones, customers are provided options, and the relevant information to make digital media decisions that will impact their business.

Our Approach

At the broad level, we focus on the following aspects of digital media – Strategy, Measurement, Infrastructure and Enablement.

Since our team consists of generalist marketing technologists who can contribute in many different areas of the digital media landscape, we use a simple approach to working with customers. Our approach involves translating Go–To–Market plans into few weeks’ long projects in different digital media domains and updating task–lists regularly, even daily if needed.

Our client work has our teams involved in a variety of domains centred around Research and Development, Studio Services and Media Services. Clients use our services to undertake digital branding activities, digital advertising – free and paid, digital content creation and optimisation, stakeholder engagement, prospect nurturing, opportunity fulfilment and digital asset maintenance. Some example domains are:

Digital branding

We work with our customers to develop a singular, unified, branded presence across all important digital media platforms in a system manner. We will analyse customer needs to determine important digital platforms where stakeholders might be looking for customer information, products or services, and focus on these platforms.

Website optimisation

We analyse and redesign customer websites for marketing readiness for industry best practices related to content, user experience, usability, mobile friendliness, landing pages and click through rates. Such domains are also referred to as Content Marketing, Usability Analysis, Landing Page Optimization, Click–Through–Rate Optimization and Mobile Websites. Also, based on digital channels that are important to the customer, we’ll make additional recommendations such as website technology, information architecture, integration with social media and measurement strategies.

Social media presence

We develop social media strategy and set up the social media presence for customers. We’ll work with customers to define content strategies and social media marketing calendars, based on clear defined roles and responsibilities between ourselves and the customer team. Where needed, we’ll operate social media accounts for brand visibility, lead generation, opportunity fulfilment and stakeholder engagement. Social Media platforms we work with include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram to name a few.

New platform & technology strategy

We will work with customer teams to define positioning and go–to–market for emerging, new and rapidly changing platforms. Examples of such work include – defining strategy for handheld devices, enabling location–centric marketing, dealing with changes in social media platforms, working with new platforms, and impact analyses of acquisitions and mergers by platform vendors. In some cases we will create a minimum viable presence on such a platform and to launch test campaigns to determine viability of the platform for customer objectives. In other cases, we’ll recommend that the customer nurture a presence on a new platform as a first mover and to create barriers to entry for other market participants.

Platform extensions & applications

When necessary to support a customer, we’ll enable, customize or develop platform extensions and applications for popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

Integrated campaigns

We help design integrated marketing campaigns, combining direct marketing with public relations, email campaigns etc to ensure that a consistent marketing message is sent out to the target audience.

Digital media planning

We help our clients select the appropriate digital medium for their campaigns and translate the marketing requirements into clearly defined media objectives.

Digital advertising campaigns

We plan advertising campaigns for our customers across digital media according to their marketing objectives.

Studio services

We offer content creation and curation, the content being infographics, videos etc. We also partner with our clients to create innovative and cutting edge marketing collateral.